CourtServe 2000 Application

CourtServe 2000 - is a high performance Court and Tribunal listing service designed for the exacting demands of barristers, clerks, solicitor-advocates and legal professionals, amongst others.

This software application sits on the desktop, storing and delivering all lists chosen by the user from the Crown Courts, County Courts, Royal Courts of Justice, Rolls Building and the Employment Tribunals.

The service is used by most leading criminal chambers, a growing number of sole practitioners, solicitor-advocates and innovative law firms in the UK.

  • CourtServe 2000

    Tracks and alerts our clients to all cases entered by a user into the program itself, or the records in special case diary management systems such as Meridian Law, LEX Case Management, InQuisita Law and similar software, all of which closely interface with CourtServe 2000.

  • What it does

    The CourtServe 2000 Windows application on each user's desktop provides access to the fastest and most comprehensive Court and Tribunal listings service.

    Users are able to automatically track all cases listed for hearing at the Crown and County Courts in England and Wales, the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) and Rolls Building and the Employment Tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland. CourtServe 2000 alerts users to cases they are running on all the Crown Court lists they subscribe to.

    The service updates continuously with digital lists received via the internet moments after these are published by His Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS). HMCTS is an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

  • How it works

    CourtServe 2000 lets a user select lists from all existing Crown Court and County Court groups, the full RCJ range and the cause and press lists from the Employment Tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland.

    A user can scroll down through the lists published on a particular day by all courts shown in the application's master menu window. Alternatively a user can filter warned, draft, final, daily courtroom, fixed, firm or running lists from among those on the menu.

  • Why CourtServe 2000?

    This service saves practitioners time and money and improves productivity. It helps a user, for instance, in a criminal set, to track cases significantly faster during the critical mid-afternoon rush. It allows barristers to know instantly from a laptop or a hand-held device, where their cases are being heard and alerts practitioners to last-minute hearing changes.

    Solicitors, solicitor-advocates, sole practitioners and legal firms who use it, access case alerts and tracking efficiency if they load case entries directly into the application. This converts it into a personalised case management diary system.

    Court lists in CourtServe 2000 are delivered electronically, fully indexed, formatted for printing and viewable in a CourtServe 2000 window.

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