CourtServe County Application

CourtServe County - is a Windows software application that electronically delivers County Court lists for all of England and Wales to barristers' chambers, law firms, sole practitioners and others professionally involved in civil litigation.

Its time-saving advantage is the instant access it offers to Circuit and District Judges lists for civil and family hearings in all the County Courts.

The lists offer, but not exhaustively, bankruptcy and winding up, civil, family, costs, enforcement and insolvency, small claims, possession proceedings, fast track, family, ancillary relief and interim applications where participating County Courts or district registries of the High Court in each of the 7 circuits/regions publish them.

In the current environment of national financial constraint, the MoJ seeks to reduce phone time demands on its hard-pressed court staff without sacrificing real time list availability for court users. For this reason it has licensed Courtel to deliver the information electronically to concerned parties.

  • CourtServe County

    The application can include various value-added features related to County Court lists and is tailored to law professionals and firms of all sizes operating locally or nationwide.

    The CourtServe County software application installed on a client's server or standalone PC, leads to very significant cost saving advantages and secures highly efficient management of the incoming list flow by, for example, segmenting access into 7 regions.

    The application further allows users to store and search lists within it and forward or print them as appropriate.

    We install this software application on a clients' PC. It delivers unrestricted access either to ALL lists from all the County Courts or segments from the 7 circuits/regions of England and Wales along with a range of additional, separately-priced features.

  • How it works

    A user of the CourtServe County application on their desktop, scrolls down through the lists that are included in the subscribed service and published on a particular day by the chosen courts.

    Optionally, at extra cost, CourtServe County can also deliver lists from Employment Tribunals.

  • What it does

    CourtServe County is accessed through an icon on your PC desktop. Behind this is a sophisticated web-enabled application, secure data centre, help desk and a team based in Surrey able to resolve any issues or queries.

    CourtServe County works continuously in the background to ensure that the latest editions of each list are displayed within moments of their release from each court.

    CourtServe County users can follow cases scheduled in just one County Court region or, as optional upgrades, any hearing in the other circuits/regions around England and Wales and the Employment Tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland.

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