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Employment Tribunal Express E-mail service

This service automatically delivers press and cause lists from all the Employment Tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland to registered subscribers by e-mail.

  • What it is

    In arrangement with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS), Courtel's Employment Tribunal Express service delivers hearing lists published by the Employment Tribunals. Authorised subscribers choose which Tribunal lists they want and these are then emailed as soon as they are published. Premium customers subscribing to CourtServe 2000 can include Employment Tribunals in their initial subscription package or upgrade at any time.

    Clients for Tribunal Express include barristers' chambers, law firms, solicitor advocates, sole practitioners, employers and business organisations, HR departments and consultants, specialist agencies, legal aid and support centres and the media. They all value the convenience of a fast, reliable, emailed and up-to-date listing delivery. In addition through electronic provision of lists, HMCTS is able to meet ever more demanding customer service targets.

    Employment Tribunal Express comprises a daily cause list and a weekly press list (the latter being an advanced list which flags up scheduled future hearings). The press list is published on a Wednesday. Many hearings on the press list may be settled before reaching a Tribunal. For this reason the daily cause lists - released at the end of each business day and available to Tribunal Express subscribers moments later - are a helpful and often preferred additional option.

  • Jurisdiction Codes

    Detailed explanations of the codes used on Employment Tribunal press lists can be identified here. Jurisdiction Codes

  • Media

    Dozens of registered journalists and broadcasters find this service vital in identifying forthcoming public interest cases. Stay ahead on the story, Subscribe to Employment Tribunal Express.

  • Service Levels

    Employment Tribunal Express Comprises the weekly press lists delivered by e-mail as soon as they are published by the Tribunals Service. Price: £45* a year per tribunal.

    Premier Employment Tribunal Express Comprises cause and press lists delivered by e-mail as soon as they are published by the Tribunals Service. Price: £90* a year per tribunal.

  • *All prices are exclusive of VAT

  • Payment Methods

    Pay by Credit or Debit card
    (An invoice is automatically generated)

    Pay by Cheque
    (This will incur a £10 admin fee)