Delivering lists to the legal profession

Courtel Communications delivers a comprehensive Court List distribution service in electronic format to the legal community in England and Wales. Courtel's business is geared to enhancing efficiency for court-related professions by supplying a secure, reliable digital delivery service across a wide range of Court Lists.


Our value-adding software interfaced with the Internet, channels public and confidential court lists electronically to prime players in the criminal and civil legal communities. Courtel Communications has partnered with the Ministry of Justice and its predecessors for more than a decade to bring timely, speedy, digital data to court users and the law profession in England and Wales.


Courtel electronically delivers court lists to its subscribers, minutes after these are published by the Royal Courts of Justice, Crown Courts, an ever-expanding number of County Courts and the 24 Employment Tribunals of England, Wales and Scotland. Our top-line service -- used by virtually every leading chambers and law practitioner in England and Wales -- is the flagship CourtServe 2000.


CourtServe 2000 is a customised listing application which once installed on customer PCs, keeps subscribers ahead of their competitors. It delivers a full spectrum of court lists to key players in the legal community and their customers. CourtServe 2000 adds value, automatically tracking and alerting subscribers to all the cases running in a legal practice. This saves hours of manual work and offers mission-critical cost efficiency to time-pressed barristers' clerks. Benefit from its competitive advantages. Contact us to subscribe to  CourtServe 2000.


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CourtServe® is the registered trademark of Courtel Communications Ltd.