About Us

CourtServe is a brand name of Courtel Communications Limited, who are based in Egham, Surrey

Legal Services

Since 1996 Courtel has served the legal community and the media with automated digital delivery of critical listing information from the Royal Courts of Justice, Crown Courts, County Courts and the Employment Tribunals.

CourtServe also supplies legal news to subscribers in the form of its Headline Express Service and adds value to law firm websites through its Legal Newsfeed Service.

CourtServe maintains an archive facility which is an invaluable resource for billing and disputes.

15 Years of Court Listing Services.

For over 15 years, CourtServe has provided a customer-focused service to the legal community. Client surveys consistently reflect a high level of user satisfaction from the services we offer. Our company is geared to ensuring our staff react swiftly and effectively to customer needs and issues. Our resilient networks are designed to deliver premier service levels to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CourtServe is an excellent example of private sector cooperation with government - in this case the Ministry of Justice - to the benefit of court users in England and Wales.

ISO 27001

Courtel is certified to the international standard for information security, ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 is an independently verified standard providing customers and partners with the confidence that Courtel is managing its security in accordance with recognised and audited best practices.

CourtServe® is the registered trademark of Courtel Communications Ltd.